Safe Talk Charity Donation 

Branch Chairman Gabe McCurry, together with Belfast Delivery Office Manager Rory Culbert making the donation to Safe Talk Charity.

During the Christmas 2017 period at Belfast Delivery, Combined Branch Reps together with Royal Mail management collected the sum total of eight hundred and four pounds, to be donated to the Safe Talk Charity. The charity supports families who have been affected suicide. Sometimes these families have no other source of income because of the tragic circumstances they find themselves in. The amount collected exceeded expectations and the NI Combined Branch Representatives involved in the collection would like to thank all our members and Belfast Management team who donated to this worthy cause.  

Northern Ireland Combined Branch


Suicide Awareness & Support Group Donation 


Denise Collins, the Northern Ireland Combined Branch Women's Officer took it upon herself to raise a substantial amount of £705.00 for the Suicide Awareness & Support Group. This money will in some way go to provide vital counselling and therapy sessions for those at risk of suicide and also to provide bereavement counselling to the families of those affected. The Branch applauds Denise for this excellent contribution.

N.I Combined Branch

If you feel that you need support, or a family member or friend needs support please share the links below:

Suicide Awareness And Support Group - Belfast

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The Samaritans - Belfast

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NI Combined Branch Women's Officer Denise Collins with Suicide Awareness & Support Group Centre Manager Margaret Walker presenting a donation of £705.00.

Full acceptance letter from the Support Group