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 Educate, Agitate, Organise!

 As the Union Learning Officer with the NICB, my role is to oversee the following;

 1. Relevant legislation is practiced in regards to education and training in the workplace

 2. Educational Mapping of employees needs and aspirations 

 3. Providing facility and opportunity for the provision of a positive learning experience 

 4. To network with ULR's throughout the CWU and beyond to find the best opportunities for shared learning for        our members

 5. To evaluate, monitor and deliver on quality assurance for the benefit of education today and for the future

 6. To represent all employees regardless of educational aspirations and to present a vibrant inclusive     
     educational section within the NICB

     Jim McGreevy
     Union Learning Resource Officer

A brief bit of my involvement with the CWU & NI Combined Branch

Joined: Royal Mail Nov 2007
Joined: CWU Nov 2007



* BSc Community Development
* L3 Adult Teacher Qualified
* Union Skills 3
* ULR 1
* Equality & Diversity

I have always had a keen interest in the Trade Union movement and the struggle for workers rights. It's possible that a conversation as a young teen with my aunt about the horrendous conditions for workers in Belfast Flax Mills had a major affect on my mindset of fairness in the workplace. Working in bare feet and puddles of water, no contracts, no paid breaks, no holidays or sick pay and health & safety a novelty caused me to reflect on the benefits I have now as an employee in comparison to those unfortunate enough to work in places like the mills, coal mines et al.

Education has provided me with further insight into the rights and wrongs of the industrial workplace and the common issues being replayed in the age of globalisation.

One stand out book which had a strong influence on my understanding of society and economic hierarchy came in the guise of Robert Tressell's Ragged Trouser Philanthropist, which it could be argued is perhaps idealistic it is still none the less a powerful interpretation of society's ills at the turn of the 20th century prior to WW1.

I have no doubt that education is the most powerful tool for the empowerment and positive evolution of communities and society as a whole. Hence my passion for the role of the CWU ULR. Having served for three years as an industrial relations rep, I felt that I had a good grounding in the environment of the Royal Mail workplace. Using this experience along with the additional training from the CWU allows me to have a strong understanding off the needs of fellow colleagues and I hope we can address some of these needs with the new educational facility.

Jim McGreevy

ULR Officer

CWU North Belfast

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Robert Tressell and the Ragged Trousered Philanthropists



A Trip to Tressell  (Forward by Fra Martin)



It was a privilege for myself to represent our Branch in attending the one hundredth commemoration of the death of Robert Tressell, author of the novel 'The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists'. Tressell's novel has inspired generations of political activists and remains a moving tribute to human dignity. Robert Tressell was born Robert Croker in Dublin in 1870, but as a young man moved to South Africa, where he worked as decorator. He came to England at the turn of the Century and lived in Hastings, where he found work as a sign-writer and interior decorator. Tressell decided to immigrate to Canada, but died of pneumonia en route in Liverpool in February 1911 and buried there as a pauper. Co-incidentally, it is muted that it was a postman who found his unmarked grave in a paupers field which lies within the shadows of Walton Prison, Liverpool. 



The grave of Robert Tressell  


Tressell was no doubt a man before his time and his writing pre-dated the Labour movement and socialist political parties of the twentieth century in Britain. The book still has relevance, more so today than ever, with the current political events unfolding. I would encourage you to take advantage of the free download (PDF format) and also to browse that pages of The Robert Tressell Society (found on the left-hand side of this page. 

Download the free PDF version of Tressell's timeless novel 'The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists with the link below:

The Robert Tressell Society Website.

Click here





Latest announcement on CWU Education evening classes 2015


In the coming weeks we will be finalising tutors for the following courses that will commence in March/April 2015:

* Information Computer Technology (ICT) Essential Skills accredited (12 places) 

* Spanish Language Beginner (8 weeks) (15 places)

* British Sign Language Introduction (10 weeks) accredited (15 places)

I will send information out in the post tomorrow. Please put the posters up in your units. It's a first come first serve on courses and courses will only commence when places are filled. Courses are open to all members right across the CWU NI Combined remit so please spread the word! 

Jim McGreevy
ULR NI Combined Branch