The Local Unit section will provide each local unit represented by the NI Combined Branch in Northern Ireland the opportunity for news, views and feedback on all issues that encompass that unit on a monthly basis.


Focus Unit - East Delivery Office Belfast

 Monday 17th November Update

 On Monday 17th November the Acting Branch Secretary visited East Belfast Delivery 
 Office to ascertain from the members what major problems exist at first hand.

 It became evident that several members had issues surrounding the implementation of a 
 new Annual Leave Agreement. The major difficulty surrounded the acceptance of an    
 'Option C' that caused confusion over the voting process not being clear. After a
 consultation with all CWU members in attendance a Meeting has been scheduled with 
 management to request that the  Annual Leave Agreement is revisited to ensure the  
 voting process is governed correctly to ensure the option of the majority of members wish
 to have is adopted within the Office.

 Negotiations are continuing within East Delivery Office and further updates will be posted
 as the negations continue within the Office.The Acting Secretary will be onsite in East
 Delivery Office until 20th November 2014 working to resolve generic issues raised by the
 members along with the unit rep for East Delivery Office.

 Fra Martin
 Acting Branch Secretary
 NI Combined Branch CWU

Tuesday 18th November Update

On Tuesday 18th November a further meeting took place with all members within E.D.O.

The topic for discussion was the Annual Leave Agreement. After lengthy debate the options available where put before the membership and the members voted accordingly.


Due to other members not being in attendance the vote will continue tomorrow with the local rep consulting the members who have been on daily leave today. This consultation will close the vote and the outcome will be posted in the unit and also on this webpage.


In closing, I would like to thank the membership of E.D.O. for their participation and the professional way they conducted their debate. I would also like to thank the CWU Units Reps, Nick Cropper and Terry Morrison for their support of the Branch to enable a resolution to be found to this issue. In closing, this process is the beginning of the Branch engagements with our members in EDO and we will continue to progress our members issues on their behalf. The Branch will continue to keep our members updated as things progress within the Office.

 Fra Martin
 Acting Branch Secretary
 NI Combined Branch CWU

Wednesday 19th November Update


 In furtherance to the previous reports, the current situation with E.D.O. today is that, 

 there was a meeting with the D.S.M. and the Acting Branch Secretary to further

 develop the progress that has been achieved thus far this week.

 The Branch gave the D.S.M. a report on how things were progressing with Annual 

 Leave in the office and the current issues surrounding the leave allocation that has

 continued to cause several of our members concerns. It was relayed to management

 that our members aspire to more proper work-life balance and this must be accepted by

 the Business moving forward from our viewpoint.

 The Branch has requested a joint communiqué be distributed within the office to

 ensure all members are kept abreast of the salient issues that are being addressed on

 their behalf and also to grant opportunity for all members to be involved in the


 There will be an exercise established shortly to garner more information from  members

 in reference to their generic issues which can be used as current data to progress the

 discussions by both CWU & Management.

 There will of course be continued dialogue between the Branch & Management and

 another meeting is scheduled to take place early next week involving the local rep,

 Branch & senior management on the information received this week from members to

 progress their issues. The outcome will be reported as a follow up report on this


 Kind Regards,

 Fra Martin
 Acting Branch Secretary
 NI Combined Branch CWU

Monday 11th May Update


CWU can announce the result of the ballot that took place in the EDO:

Option 1-22 votes

Option 2- 0  votes

Option 3- 0  votes

Option 4-35 votes

Option 4 is the preferred option of CWU members

Gabe Mc Curry CWU