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Mal McGuigan

A brief synopsis of my biographical details are that I was employed by Royal Mail and became a member of the CWU from May 1994 to June 2011 ,when I took voluntary redundancy. During that time I held various roles within the union, Processing, Night Shift Rep and Area Processing Rep amongst others.


I was also a delegate to various committees, conferences and national briefings during that time on Industrial Relations, pay, Equality, resourcing and restructuring etc and also a  student at various local and national CWU schools regarding induction training, area rep training, equality, Union Learning Rep and Managing the Surplus Framework.


Although I am no longer employed by Royal Mail, I have remained a member of the CWU and have the necessary credentials from the Branch to represent and advise members on all Equality related issues in all of the businesses which the Branch represents.


These would include issues relating to discrimination in the workplace on disability, gender, race , religion, age, equality policies and other relating factors in regards to family friendly-flexible working arrangements. I also have the capacity to deal with disability-discrimination in the workplace and also attendance, conduct, grievance and bullying and harassment issues. I believe that I have the necessary experience and knowledge gained through my various roles within the CWU over the years to carry out the role of Branch Equality Officer to the benefit of all our members .


 Anyone who knows me knows the level of representation and commitment I give to any job or issues I have to deal with. I also tell people the truth or what they need to hear as opposed to what they want to hear . If I don’t know the answer to something I will tell you straight but I will always try to find the answer and resolve your problems.

Below are some useful documents pertaining to Equality issues that can be downloaded via DropBox Software. Simply click on the red link to download. Downloads open in a new window or tab on your browser.

Equality Documents for Download

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