Please find attached for download (PDF format) a letter received from CWU Headquarters on the CWU and Royal Mail Nationally Agreed Guidelines Covering Annual Leave / Resourcing (Doc 14LTB691). Because this is related to 'National Issues' it has been decided to download from this page to avoid ambiguity. Just click on the Hyper-linked text beside the LTB icon.


Bobby Weatherall,

Branch Secretary



The local representative briefings held in February and March of this year focused on the key issues that will shape the future of our members’ jobs and the postal industry, namely how we deal with competition and growth. We received positive feedback from these sessions and a key part of our strategy going forward must now  be to engage our members in the workplace on these crucial subjects.

As such, we attach an advanced copy of a workplace pamphlet entitled “Creating Our Future - Dealing with Competition and Growth”, which will be distributed directly to workplaces later this week.  The pamphlet builds on our local representatives’ briefings and sets out the latest developments on competition and growth and explains how the Union intends to deal with these issues.

It is essential that this LTB is immediately circulated to all CWU local representatives so they can engage our members on growth and competition issues and support the distribution of the pamphlet in the workplace. In the coming weeks and months the Union will continue to prioritise competition and growth, including the potential for a session at Annual Conference and a Policy Forum in the near future.

Prior to Annual Conference there will be further LTB’s updating Branches on these subjects.  Any enquiries on the above LTB should be addressed to the DGS (P) Department.

Yours sincerely,

Dave Ward

Deputy General Secretary (P) 



CWU NI Combined Branch Secretary Bobby Weatherall Elected to PEC 


Once again, Northern Ireland has been able to place one of our members, Bobby Weatherall, back on the Communication Workers Union Postal Executive Council for the next two years, not only to represent our views which we believe to be paramount to his election, but also to demonstrate our, and his commitment to the rest of our union colleagues throughout the whole of the UK. We want to take this opportunity on behalf of CMU NI Combined Branch to thank you for voting for Bobby and we know he will not let our colleagues down.

Branch Committee - CWU NI Combined

Workers Memorial Day 28th April 2016 - 'Strong Laws, Strong Enforcement, Strong Unions'